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AnkaSearch Beta_1.04

AnkaSearch AnkaSearch Beta_1.04

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AnkaSearch is a Meta Search Utility (desktop application). Problems in current web searches using popular search engines are: - Search Engines use proprietary algorithms to rank search results. A search for 'Video Cards' at two popular search engines shows out of 100 results only seventeen results are common, and the ranks of these seventeen common results are different in either of the engines. AnkaSearch launches parallel search in selected search engines and the results of all the engines are aggregated and presented in a single list - Deep Web primarily comprises databases operated by universities, government, and trade bodies. AnkaSearch provides you direct access to these databases - "With web content doubling every two months and human beings' ability to digest information at a constant rate of 0.3 MB an hour, the need for automation is clear" (Ref: NQL Solutions). It is manually impossible for anyone to go through the hundreds of thousands of search results returned by search engines AnkaSearch, is intended to address the above listed problems of web searches and needs of 'power search users' like researchers, librarians, knowledge workers etc. Salient features of the tool are - Fetches results from 70+ search engines, segragated into ten separate selectable subject directories - Duplicate pages are removed - Aggreages results from mulitple sources - Faster downloads due to pipelining - Save selected downloaded pages, organize and manage the saved pages - Search within the downloaded result descriptions and pages - Advanced configuration features - Control the number of parallel connections to be opened, depending on your internet connection bandwidth - Specify the maximum CPU utilization used by AnkaSearch, not causing any other applications you might be using simultaneously to hang - AnkaSearch is a multithreaded enabling you to launch multiple searches simultaneously. Maximum number of threads is configurable. Free trial download available.

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